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Friday, September 25, 2009

Canote E-Notes 09/25/09

Greetings & Howdy-doo-dah-day!

The good Lord has kept us very busy lately, blessing our socks off as usual, and a report is overdue! :) Here's a snapshot of just the last few days and this week:

  • 9/19 - Gospel Bluegrass & Testimony - Anutt Community Church "Old Time Camp Meeting" - Rolla, MO
  • 9/20 - Gospel Bluegrass & Testimony - Salem Full Gospel Church Morning Service - Salem, MO
  • 9/21 - Gospel Bluegrass - Harrisburg Baptist Church Revival Service - Harrisburg, MO
  • 9/23 - JP & Alex led worship for the "See Ya At the Pole" activity - Harrisburg School - Harrisburg, MO
  • 9/23 - Adam led an unplanned/impromptu "See Ya At the Pole" gathering at CMU - Fayette, MO
  • 9/23 - Chris spoke for the "Frontline" youth group meeting - Faith Family Church - Fayette, MO
  • 9/23 - Adam, Chewy, & Alex - Jazz performance - Navigator's Ministry House at CMU "Jazz 502" - Fayette, MO
  • 9/26 - Gospel Bluegrass & Testimony - God's Mountain Camp - Near Atchison, KS
  • 9/27 - Gospel Bluegrass & Testimony - Clinton Presbyterian Church Morning Service - Clinton, KS

Coming up soon...we'll be doing some bluegrass and then Chris will preach at the Charity Baptist Church on Ballenger Lane in Columbia, MO on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 2PM. The following day, Chris will return on Sunday for the morning service to preach again.

Adam stays busy with his own ministry work in his internship at Faith Family and working with the Navigator Ministry on campus at CMU so we're learning how to do bluegrass without him when we have to.

We love it, love it, love it when we're busy doing ministry! Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers! We're counting on them big time and thank God for you every day. Thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU!

God is still good and faithful, meeting all our needs as He has promised to do. And we promise to do our best to honor Him and to be good stewards of the gifts He has given, the ministry He has called us to, and your prayers, encouragement, and financial support.

Special Project
We need to replace some of our older sound equipment. We've been dragging most of it up and down the road now for several years and it has definitely seen better days! We also use this equipment in Mexico on the outreaches for chapel services. We've used a lot of duct tape, clothes pins, bandaids, etc. but we're probably starting to press our luck with that. We're starting to get concerned that we may show up to a performance and find that we don't have a working sound system...that would not be good! :) We have asked our good friends at Arnold Music (also Adam's employer) in Moberly & Centralia, to shoot us some prices for a list of what we need. Please join us in praying specifically that the necessary funds would be supplied to purchase what we need to keep serving God in this way. We'll send an update when we know what that amount is.

In Christ,

Chris Canote - Jesus Freak
Outreach Director
Missions Mobilizer/Recruiter

YUGO Ministries

H 573/874-1878

C 573/808-1195