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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We're Back! - 01/06/14

We're Back!

We're back from a week of Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico, have unloaded, and even unpacked!  It was another 2,500 mile round trip and we are "no worse for the wear."  In fact, just the opposite!  God was so good to us and our ministry teams.  He showed up BIG, blessed our socks off AND revealed more of Himself in the process.  God used us make a ruckus in Jesus name and big impact for the Kingdom.  

As usual, we hit the ground running at home - back at it.  Winter, Basketball, school, basketball, winter,

God is so GOOD!
We were there to share the Good News of Jesus.  And that we did do.  However, while there, God used our ministry theme this year, #PressOn with inspiration from Phil. 3:14 to school us on a few things and further reveal Himself to us in a mighty way.

We had a plan of our own which came with warm, dry, and sunny weather for our week of Team Ministry.  However, God had a much better plan.  His plan included an opportunity to strengthen our faith and a lesson in appreciation of God's BIG PICTURE view.  We chose to #PressOn starting the week with dark, very cold, and wet weather and an interpreter shortage.  Of course, we endured and survived through God's strength.  We were reminded we do not need to control everything and we do not need to know every detail of God's plan, just that He IS in control.

Throughout, God used this week to make a huge impact on the Mexican people we were there to minister to.  Imagine what the people of those neighborhoods thought when all these people are willing to spend hours each day, in the cold, just to share Jesus!  

There are so many stories of God's goodness from this one week.  Amy Kingery was introduced to baby Amy.  This last July, Amy's ministry team did not come with intentions to conduct Women's Ministry.  However, God had other plans and sent several women to their ministry site so they did an impromptu Women's Ministry.  One of the ladies who came, has since joined the church and had a baby.  She was so touched by how Amy and her team helped her to a saving knowledge of Jesus that she named her baby Amy!  Wowzers!  

Our primary object is to reach the lost with a message of HOPE in Jesus.  He is our story and we love telling our story! God used us to do just that. Pastor David reported receiving a new families in church on Sunday, and several new youth and children.  Praise the Lord!

This is a day of Good News!
This is a day of Good News and we would love to come share about how God is working in and through us here at home and beyond.  

Do you have connections? Please let us know if you know of a church, group, event, etc. where we can make some music, preach the Good News, or just share about Mexico.

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