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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Canote E-Notes 05/12/16

20620 N. Devils Washboard Rd.
Clark, MO 65243

Greetings from The Canote Family!
We trust this finds you blessed by the Lord.  We can assure you God has been better to us than we will ever deserve.  We are humbled and privileged to serve the Lord.  And we are certainly a blessed family!

We do have a pressing need and urgent matter we need to focus on and address.  And we could sure use your help!

We learned this week that two of the ministry teams we were counting on for the summer cannot be with us this year. 

This will drastically reduce the actual ministry boost we can provide for Pastor David Huerta and his church, the Iglesia
Aviva-Kairos in Acuña, Mexico.  Our role in Acuña is primarily to support the local church by bringing in teams to conduct children's, women's, sports and construction team ministry.  We go in and reach the community and share the Good News of Jesus.  Pastor David takes over the follow-up and discipleship once we are gone.

This also means that, in order to host the remaining team, we will fall short of meeting the cost of the summer team ministry to the tune of about $2,000.  This will also leave nothing to help with operation costs running the ministry through the end of this year.
2016 Ministry Theme:
#Hope - He Offers Peace Eternal
"We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  - Hebrews 6:19

HOPE - We certainly have not lost our hope!  We are trusting in the Lord to meet our needs as He sees fit.  And, we are trusting in God's people to stand in the gap for us and God's ministry in Acuña, Mexico.

We are working on ways to spread the word about the work God is doing in and through us and our ministry teams in Mexico.  However, that won't help us this summer.

How can you help?
1.  "First of all, pray" - Please join us in praying about this urgent need. 
  • We need individuals and/or teams who can spare a week of their summer to be a part of something awesome for God. 
  • We also need additional financial support.  Please ask God for direction in how you might make an eternal investment in this Kingdom building ministry.
2.  If you know of any individual who might be interested in joining our existing team based out of Perche Baptist Church, please help put us together so we can talk about that.

 Thank YOU for your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We're counting on your prayers!