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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canote E-Notes 05/29/12

May Prayer Letter

Our May, 2012 "Canote Notes" monthly prayer letter is up on the website click the heading above to access that.


Let the countdown begin!  We are scheduled for a C-section on Wednesday, June 13.

Upcoming Ministry Engagements

We have several upcoming ministry engagements.  Please join us if you can and remember us in your prayers.

Centralia Anchor Fest

Saturday, June 2, 10am AND 12:15pm - "Canote Family Gospel Bluegrass"
Sunday, June 3, 1pm - "Fully Persuaded"

Sturgeon Summer Fest

Saturday, June 23, 11:15am - "Canote Family Gospel Bluegrass"

Camp Cedarcrest Youth Camp

Saturday, July 21 - Wednesday, July 25 - Leading Worship

Camp Cedarcrest Children's Camp

Wednesday, July 25 - July 28 - Leading Worship / Chris Speaking

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Canote E-Notes 05/08/12


As you may have heard, our little Tori (2 yrs old) gave us quite a scare on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily, she's a tough little country girl, a seasoned adventurer, and under the watchful care of her Creator.  After a frantic call for an ambulance, a trip to the ER, and plastic surgery... (overall a 9 hour ordeal beginning to end)... she will be fine.  Praise the Lord in heaven!

She was playing in a basement closet when a wall mirror stored in the closet, shattered in her face.  She ended up with a pretty big laceration across the bridge of her nose and down each side of her nose.  Naturally, it was a terrifying experience for us all.

She ended up with too many stitches to count in multiple layers and will end up with a some scarring.  She has a minor follow up "surgery" on Friday morning in order to remove the stitches.

Prayer Request:  Please pray that she will not hurt it or otherwise mess with it until it is healed.  Susan (8 months pregnant herself) is having a tough time sleeping worrying that Tori will grab at it or even just rub it in her sleep which could rip it open.

Music Ministry

Both "The Canote Family" (gospel bluegrass) and our kid's band, "Fully Persuaded" will be performing at this year's Anchor Fest in Centralia, MO.  Below is the brochure for the Anchor Fest.  It's always the first weekend of June.  We're doing 2 bluegrass shows on Saturday, June 2 at 10am & 12:15pm.  The kids will be opening for BarlowGirl at 1pm on Sunday, June 3.  Hope to see you there!

Sermon Links

Below are links to our website where you'll find our audio library and can listen to recent sermons delivered by Pastor Chris:

"Walking In The Spirit" Series - Delivered at Harrisburg Baptist Church
"Prayer 101" Series - Delivered at Harrisburg Baptist Church
"Marriage" Series - Delivered at Harrisburg Baptist Church