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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Canote E-Notes 09/21/11

I'm writing with 2 very specific prayer requests regarding the ministry work God has called us to as a family. It relates to the financial support necessary to make it all happen.

Our situation at YUGO is unique among our missionary co-workers because we live in the U.S. We have the option of generating additional income to meet our household and ministry expenses without the limitations of foreign visas.

We have done that over the years through multiple "side" jobs and through Susan’s job working from home which officially makes us “tent makers”. It also means we have not given the necessary attention to building and maintaining our ministry support team.

The result is our reserve account which is used to fund my monthly salary through YUGO, my health insurance, and ministry expenses is dangerously low. We must replenish the account at YUGO or face being reclassified as part-time and losing my only option for health insurance.

We know 2 things in our hearts for certain: #1, God has called us to this ministry in this time and place. He has provided ample tangible evidence in our lives to support that belief. #2, God has promised to meet all our needs. And, our God is still faithful.

We know God will meet this need in His perfect timing as He has promised to do. Please join us in praising Him for that.

If you have not felt led to support this ministry financially up to this point, would you also please ask God specifically if He would have you begin supporting at this time?

To our ministry team: thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU!
We love you and we need you. Your support as co-laborers in this ministry is critical and we praise God for you every day! Thank you! We are eternally grateful for your partnership with our family!

Telling the Story,

Pastor Chris Canote
Outreach & Mobilization Director
YUGO Ministries

573/874-1878 Home
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