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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Canote E-Note 08/29/2017

20620 N. Devils Washboard Rd.
Clark, MO 65243

Many blessings to you from The Canote Family!
¡Muchas bendiciones para ti de la familia Canote!

After another wild and crazy summer, we hit the ground running and are back to the routine the new school year brings to our schedule. 

We are thrilled that Nathan and Samantha are now BOTH teaching in their hometown school where they graduated.  They can now say they are officially, once again, a Harrisburg Bulldog family.  Alex has graduated college and started his first year of teaching in Moberly. Allison made it to high school, starting her freshman year at Harrisburg.  The rest of us are busy with the usual including lots of church-life activity, birthdays and family gatherings, chauffeuring kids up and down the road, and even the occasional opportunity to make some Gospel bluegrass music.

Charlotte recently wrote the lyrics and melody for an outstanding new worship song which she wanted to share with our church family at Perche Baptist Church.

[video] Charlotte Canote - Always Knows

Our Summer Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico was yet another in a long list of incredible journeys and wild adventures for Jesus!  We hosted teams from Canada, Texas, and Missouri. 

Allison and Natalie teaching a children's lesson

Allison and Natalie helped out as part-time staff and served full-time on the Missouri ministry team. 

With a total of 75 people serving on staff and ministry teams, our expectation was to see 75 salvation decisions.  That is how the numbers normally shake out:  1 salvation per person. 

However, this summer, God had something BIGGER in mind for us!  Oh hallelujah!  How does 100 salvation decisions sound?

"However, this summer, God had something BIGGER in mind for us!"

This significant Kingdom-building ministry is so rewarding, so very humbling to be a part of and is certainly all God's!  He provides, as He sees fit, for His ministry and in order to accomplish His Will in His timing!  Praise the Lord!

Booking Ministry Teams Now
Are you looking for an affordable opportunity to serve God on the mission field for your youth group, your church, or family?  We need ministry teams for our December, 2017 and July, 2018 Team Ministry outreaches in Acuña, Mexico.

Our Team Ministry programming in Mexico through Evident Ministries has 2 primary focus points as we honor two commands of Jesus, "love your neighbor as yourself" and "go make disciples":

  1. Sharing the Good News of Jesus with the people of Acuña, Mexico as we support the local church.  In our case, the local church is Pastor David Huerta and his church, Igesia Cristiana Aviva-Kairos.
  2. Providing what is NOT ONLY a very unique and cross-cultural ministry experience but also a VERY AFFORDABLE discipleship opportunity for participants.

2017 Summer Team Ministry video coming soon!

Our 2017 Team Ministry Theme:

Keep your eyes out for our next update where we will unveil our 2018 Team Ministry Theme!

  1. In order to survive long-term as a ministry, we need Ministry Teams who can spare a week to be a part of something awesome for God with us in Mexico.  Please pray specifically that we would be sensitive to God's lead in spreading the word about what He is doing in and through us with Team Ministry in Mexico and in making connections which will pave the way toward more teams serving with us in Acuña.
  2. We need additional financial support.  We have a very short list of some incredibly generous individuals and churches who have faithfully supported this ministry for a long time.  We are so very thankful for their support and significant role in keeping us on the mission field.  Please ask God for His direction in how you might join us in this effort by making an eternal investment in this Kingdom building ministry.  DONATE

We can assure you God has been better to us than we deserve.  We are humbled and privileged to serve the Lord.  We are certainly a blessed family!

 Thank YOU for your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We're counting on your prayers!