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Monday, January 9, 2012

Canote E-Notes 01/09/12

Buenos Dias!
We have pretty well recovered from our big trip, jet lag, etc. and are back into the regular swing of things.  Our time in Mexico was as challenging, uplifting, rewarding, and AWESOME as any other!  :)  We certainly enjoyed our time there but were also glad to get back home to the rest of the Canote family circus.  
We usually hit the ground running and this time was no different.  Within just a few hours of being home, Pastor Chris was meeting with a grieving family followed by conducting funeral service.  We love having our calendar full of activity with plenty of opportunities to serve God.
We were also looking forward to spending time with our church family again. After all the frenzied blur of activity from the holidays, travels planning, etc., it's good to get back into a regular schedule including Sunday services, weekly bible study, school, and such.
Now it's time to set our sights ahead for the near future and beginning the planning and logistics for our next opportunity to host ministry teams in Mexico.  Oh, and then there's that part about another little bundle of baby joy coming our way in a few months...

Below are some links from our time in Mexicali, Mexico:

Video Review of Our Week in Mexicali (Created by Chewy Canote)
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Pastor Chris' Daily Chapel Sermons:
Day #1 - "The Response To Jesus"
Day #2 - "Standing For Jesus"
Day #3 - "Oh, How I Love Jesus"
Day #4 - "Cual Es Tu Problema?"
Day #5 - "A Powerful Prayer Life"

Sermon Audio Page on our Canote Family website