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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Canote E-Notes 01/02/09

Dear Ministry Team~
I couldn't wait for my turn at the internet access today here at the bible institue in Mexicali, Mexico. You may remember that Adam, Chewy, Alex and I are here staffing a YUGO evangelistic outreach. Adam is leading worship for the twice-per-day chapel services with help from his brothers. He is also leading the Sports Ministry "Training & Prayer" times each day. I am directing the outreach and speaking each day in the morning chapel services. Today is our 5th and final day for ministry. We have a large team of high school students here from Caledonia, Michigan serving with us.

We have had a very exciting week. The power of God's presence has been overwhelming at times. The daily schedule is intense with little down time for the team. God is good and faithful however, and has provided the energy needed to accomplish is plan and purpose for this week.

Today, we asked for testimonies from the team members about their week here. I want to share part of one of those testimonies with you. It comes from a junior in high school boy named Sam on the team and he specifically asked that we share his story. It's a beautiful testimony of God's power and interest in having a personal relationship with Him.

"While I have been here in Mexico, I have had a wonderful time. I originally didn't want to come and my mother forced me to go. But, I am glad she made me. Before I came I really had no sense of a "need" for God. My brother, who also is on this trip, is a big role model for me and he didn't really believe in God and I followed him. But, while he has been down here in Mexico, he says he felt God. I saw this, my big brother, who I look up to being touched by God himself (and it) made me believe. Seeing him going from a non-believer to a believer has made me so alive inside. I can see now it is real and I do believe. I love my brother so much. I just love him in unbelievable amounts, and I thank the Lord God almighty for showing me that and for showing Him the way and the light. And, I love you Kyle".

I'm sitting here in tears once again as I share this with you. This is one of the main ways that God has used to inspire our family to continue working in this ministry. It's about lives changed....not just the Mexican people who come to know Christ in an eternal salvation decision.

Be encouraged. Know that God loves you and not only wants a relationship with you....He wants it to grow. He wants all of you. He wants your complete surrender.

God Bless You!

Thank you for your prayers!

Chris Canote
Missions Mobilizer
YUGO Ministries

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