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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Canote E-Notes 02/25/09

and God Bless YOU! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood AND God is still the same....good and faithful! Ooops! It looks like we took a little break from the "Canote E-Notes". Well, we're back!
It's a busy week for us starting with a concert down in Rolla on Sunday at the Spring Creek Baptist Church followed by a "Family Night" gospel bluegrass worship tonight at Faith Family Church in Fayette. We'll wrap up the week with a performance at a fundraiser event at the Sturgeon Baptist Church on Saturday night. What fun and what a GREAT job we have!

We also getting deep into planning and coordinating for Acuna this summer. We now have teams signed up for all three weeks - Thank You Lord!
New Videos
We've posted some new videos on YouTube and promise to do a better job doing that more often. Below are the links for those videos:

This is Adam's first public performance on the piano. Who knew you could learn to play the piano in 3-4 months?!?
Adam and the boys like to take our bluegrass songs and make them "contemporary". So we took a contemporary song, "Forever" and made it "bluegrass".
Speaking of's "I'll Fly Away"....with some phat beats added... :)
What's a "VLOG"?
Speaking of new videos....what's a "VLOG"? Well, basically, that's a blog done with video and we're giving it a whirl and incorporating that into our Canote Family Blog site.
This is the actual VLOG on YouTube
This is the actual address for our Canote family blog.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers! We're relying on it!
God Bless You!

Chris Canote
Missions Mobilizer & Recruiter

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