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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Canote E-Notes 03/01/09

It was a great week of ministry here in central Missouri for the Canote family. It was a busy but refreshing week for us. It can also be very encouraging when we receive some feedback about our ministry work. That was certainly the case when we saw the note of encouragement (see below) Adam received last week in an email from a local pastor friend:

During my "quiet time" this morning...I had been reading about Joseph and his choices with Potiphar's wife. This led me to pray for the young men I know that face similar circumstances everyday. Somehow I ended up watching the YouTube video of you singing Chris Tomlin's "I Will Rise" and the Lord used that simple song, your willing heart and His intimate Spirit to touch and renew me. You, nor I expected that, but...that's how He normally works.
Thank you."

What an encouragement and blessing! If you haven't had a chance to watch Adam's video yet, here's the link again:
Adam - "I Will Rise" Chris Tomlin

He (with God's help) surprised us all when he told us he was ready perform this song on the piano. To our knowledge, Adam didn't know how to play the piano!?! Isn't God cool?

Here are a some more videos I just added:
Hallelujua I'm Ready - Performance at Faith Family Church - 02/25/09
Daniel Prayed - Performance at Faith Family Church - 02/25/09
Montaña - Performance at Faith Family Church - 02/25/09
Bluegrass Medley - Performance at Faith Family Church - 02/25/09

God bless you and have a GREAT and BLESSED week!

Chris Canote
Missions Mobilizer & Recruiter

YUGO Ministries

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