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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canote E-Notes 07/02/09

School Supplies Update
On Tue, I forwarded an email from one of our YUGO missionaries regarding a need for school supplies. Just FYI, literally within minutes of passing along that need, we had a commitment to send 270 boxes of colored pencils and another to send 270 spiral notebooks! Woo hoo! God is good! There is still a great need there if you feel God pulling on your heart strings.

Ministry Update
Adam just returned from spending a week as the worship leader for youth from Faith Family Church. They were attending the Rock Quest youth camp at at the Logan Valley Christian Retreat Center near Ellington, MO. Adam says he "had a blast" and really enjoyed working on the ministry team with Pastor Jamie Page and the other leaders. Pastor Jamie gave daily reports on his blog at:

Travel Update
It's been a crazy week at the Canote house getting ready for this trip. We'll be leaving tomorrow mid-day for Kansas City. Our flight leaves Saturday morning for San Diego. We'll be stopping for a few supplies which are easier to buy there than carry with us on the plane such as diapers, etc. Then we'll be heading straight into Tijuana.

We'll be spending the following two weeks working at YUGO's Tijuana Outreach Center. I will be preaching Monday through Friday of both weeks. Adam will be leading worship with the boys the first week at the base...and in English. The second week, he will be leading worship in Spanish at a local neighborhood church. We'll be ministering along with the summer interns and other YUGO staff. We'll have enough workers to conduct a children's VBS, sport's ministry and women's ministry. We're very excited about that. Adam says he might need to brush up on his Spanish!

Please keep us in your prayers as we'll be relying on them for strength, good health, effective ministry efforts, etc.

God Bless YOU!

Chris Canote
Outreach Director
Missions Mobilizer/Recruiter

YUGO Ministries

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