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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Canote E-Notes 12/29/11

It's a beautiful new day that God has made, here on our mission field for the week, in Mexicali, Mexico.

Having wrapped up Day #1 for our ministry teams and secured a good night's rest, we are ready to get back at it. Our teams were pleased to see a good number of children, teens, and adults show up to be ministered to yesterday and they are looking forward to building relationships over the next few days.

Last night's Prayer & Share in chapel was very encouraging as the team members shared first impressions of this cross cultural discipleship experience. We know from experience that God will be working in and through each of them this week in BIG ways.

Several of them shared how last year's trip changed their lives. Some who came this year, shared how those that came home telling stories of last year's trip impacted them and convinced them they HAD to come check it out for themselves.

We ask the teams after Day #1 to identify anything that might be holding them back from giving their very best for God this week.

In the way of a prayer request, here is that list: fatigue, emotional baggage, spiritual warfare, comfort zone, fear, and just general distractions from focus. Please pray over this list.

Satan doesn't want us here, doesn't want people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, and doesn't want the above list of issues to be overcome. However, we serve a God who is much bigger than all that! PTL!

The pics are from our prayer time last night and a view of the mountains from our base camp.

Can't wait to what God has cooked up for us today!


Ryan said...

So awesome Chris! Keep the updates coming, I truly appreciate them since I can't be there in person.

Let God move, and hold on for the ride!!!


chris.w.mckenna said...

Peace to you and your boys in Mexicali! Love the pictures and just got an update from Betsy on the community they're at. Makes it feel so close. Praying for transformation in every way - in hearts, minds, attitudes, yea!