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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Canote E-Notes 02/02/12

Happy Ground Hogs Day! 
Apparently that ground hog saw his shadow so it's 6 more weeks of winter....and we'll take it!  None of us can ever remember a milder winter than this one.  1 year ago this week, we had 2 feet of snow on the ground and people were calling it:  Snowmegedden and Snowpacolypse!  It's going to be around 60F today and it has been around that temp off and on more often than not so far this winter!

Baby Update
In case you haven't heard...there is another Canote baby on the way (due June 16) and...

And although we're just happy and blessed to have a healthy baby on the way, we ARE pretty pleased with that news!  That will even up the teams with 5 boys and 5 girls.  

Chris IS thinking ahead and glad that there won't be 5 teenage girls all at once in the house a few years down the road.  He's also thinking maybe a boy will help ease up some of the drama that may come with a house full of girls.

Of course that's also 1 less wedding to pay for!

Mexico News
Check out this new YUGO Ministries promo video:  CLICK HERE!
You can also find a link for this video and other information and media at the newly rebuilt YUGO website:  

We are still wrapping up loose ends and final reporting from the New Year's Team Ministry in Mexicali, Mexico.  A key element of this ministry is the unique cross-cultural discipleship opportunity for young and old alike.  Here are some of the testimonies shared by young people from the ministry teams who joined us this year:

"Mexico has rocked my world.  Not coming from a Christian family, I have always used God as a sort of refuge from my life's problems - but very rarely have I felt God 100% in my heart. In my head?  Yes.  Since putting my life in his hands, never have I doubted that Christ is my Savior.  However, this week (He) has so graciously welcomed me to move God from head, to my heart" ~ Kelsey

"This week in Mexico, I saw the amazing benefits of complete submission and obedience to God.  This week taught me how to truely go all out for God and to make faith in Christ the top priority in my life.  Thank you for your ministry to the Mexican people and your service and example to the mission teams" ~ Nate

"I learned this week that I need to rely on and trust God more to give me the courage and strength I need to overcome my fear and take the next step in my faith!  I will do everything in my power to challenge myself and look my fear in it's face!" ~ Amanda

Testimonies like these are so encouraging and uplifting to hear from teenagers!  We don't NEED these to be obedient in answering God's call on our lives.  But, they are great reminder of why we do what we do.  We hope you are encouraged by these as well.  Your sacrifices of time, finances, etc. are an integral part of this significant ministry.

Music News
We are very excited and truly blessed to report about some special upcoming Canote family music bookings.  We just today sealed the deal for some gospel bluegrass - Canote family style - at the annual 2012 Centralia Anchor Fest.  We will be doing 2 1-hour shows on Saturday, June 2 - 10am & 12:15pm.  In all the years we have been travelling around playing for similar venues, we've never actually played for the Anchor Fest.

In other Canote family music news, our kids have finally settled on a band name.  It comes from Romans 4:20-22.  From now on, instead of the "Canote Kids" or the "Canote Boys"... they will be using:  "Fully Persuaded".  The official members of the band will be:  Adam & wife - Tiffany, Chewy, Alex, & JP.  

They decided it was high time to get that settled when they were recently contacted and officially booked to be the opening band for BarlowGirl ALSO at the same 2012 Centralia Anchor Fest!  To say they are a little excited about that opportunity would be a bit of an understatement!

It's very humbling to see God's hand at work in and through us to accomplish His big ole plans in His perfect timing!  What a blessing indeed!  God is good...all day long!

Sermon Links
You can find links to all of the sermon audio files available on our website by clicking here:  SERMONS.  Chris will be wrapping up a 4-sermon series on "Love & Marriage" this coming Sunday at HBC.  Most of the time, we are able to get sermon audio posted with 2-3 days.

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