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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Acuña, Mexico - Team Ministry Update 07/24/14

Casa Sweet Casa!

Woo hoo!  Our very first Mexico Team Ministry Outreach under our new ministry, Evident Ministries, Inc. is in the books!  And boy oh boy did we ever have an another amazing and wild adventure for Jesus!   

2,576 miles and 88+ salvation decisions's good to be home!  Add that to an unknown number of seeds planted for a future harvest.  Halleluja and glory to God!  People need Jesus.  Praise God for allowing us share the Good News that folks might have an opportunity to hear the TRUTH and give their lives to Him!

We also know each of us on the staff host team (Team Canote) along with our two ministry teams (Team Dallas, TX & Team Fayette, MO) experienced something incredible together.  We left that place forever changed leaving a piece of our hearts there on the dusty roads of Acuña, Mexico.

This ministry allows us to provide the training resources, tools, and opportunity for people of all ages to share not only their faith but also, and more importantly, the HOPE which is in Jesus!  For many, an opportunity like this "puts legs on their faith" like no other experience can do.  Some of those on our ministry teams who personally led individuals to Jesus, did so for the very first time.

Our week was as hot as any we have ever had in Mexico.  Life is hard, but God is good!  As always, He kept His promise to meet all of our needs and never left our side!  We saw the usual fiery darts tossed our way, all of which were easily overcome.  If God is with us, who can possibly come against us?

Evident Ministries has unofficially partnered with Pastor David Huerta and the Aviva Kairos Church (Iglesia Cristiana Aviva-Kairos) to reach the people of Acuña with the message of Christ.  Pastor David, along with his wife and family, has recently launched a new ministry church plant in the Francisco Imadero Colonia of Acuña.  This was the ministry site for Team Fayette.  The Team Dallas site was a new neighborhood ministry center for Pastor David's church located in the nearby Santa Teresa Colonia of Acuña.

God is using Pastor David, his family, and now his new church plant to reach families by ministering to the children and youth of Acuña through VBS programs, church camps, youth ministry, a school supply ministry, etc.  This makes his ministry a perfect fit for us!  God is good!

As usual, we have hit the ground running and are already making plans for our next Acuña Team Ministry Outreach in December/January.  Maybe you would like to join us?

We are so very thankful for those who "hold the rope at home" on our behalf as we venture out into the darkness.  Know that your are treasured and very much appreciated!  We thank and praise God for our faithful ministry support team!

Mr. Chewy Canote, our Video Production Director created another fantastic summary of our trip, now available to view on YouTube:  

Click here:

Team Fayette, MO
Team Dallas, TX

Pastors David Huerta & Chris Canote

Bath time for Carter Carey!
Caballero Señor Trini giving rides

Sports Ministry

Prayer Partners Natalie & Andrew

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