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Friday, December 18, 2015

Canote E-Notes 12/18/15

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Merry Christmas from The Canote Family!
Christmas greetings and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!  Another year has passed and what a year it has been!  God has been so good to us and continues to give us many opportunities to serve Him and His kingdom.  We are certainly a blessed family!

The holidays have a special meaning for our family each year.  Like everyone else, we are enjoying the usual activities including Christmas programs, holiday parties, music events, food, family and friends. 

At the same time, we are also preparing for our another week of hosting ministry teams in Acuña, Mexico.  At this point, we are counting down the hours until we leave with only a week to go!  And we are as excited as ever about another opportunity to share the HOPE which is in Jesus!

Our ministry theme for 2016 is: 

#Hope - He Offers Peace Eternal
"We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  - Hebrews 6:19

NEW VISION - A key element of our Team Ministry effort in Mexico is the discipleship opportunity it provides for the ministry teams who come and serve with us.  It is an opportunity for a focused intentional time where we ask God to open our hearts to the plight of the poor.  What the eye has not seen, the heart cannot grieve over.  As followers of Christ, when we come face to face with real poverty - economic AND spiritual - something significant happens.  Lives become irrevocably shaped by the experience and a new vision is formed.
LEARNING EXCHANGE - As our ministry teams immerse themselves in a very different way of life during this cross cultural mission experience, their understanding of the world is deconstructed, their minds are expanded, and preconceptions are challenged.  They have come to share the incredible life-changing news of the Gospel of Jesus.  In the process God will speak into their hearts in a new, exciting, and unexpected way.

 Thank YOU for your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  1. Please pray for our family as 16 of us, in 2 vehicles, will be making the 2,500 mile round-trip from here to Acuña, Mexico.  We have made this trip now many times.  There are so many variables and issues to overcome in a project like this.  We will be relying on your prayers and trusting in God to bring us home safe once again.
  2. Please pray for those who will join us on ministry teams to share the message of hope which is in Jesus and reason we celebrate this holiday season.  Pray that they might be in full surrender to this potentially life-changing engagement in which there is an opportunity for God to work in and through them in ways He never has before.
  3. Please pray for Pastor David Huerta, his family, and church.  It is our goal to support him in the ministry which God has given him in Acuña, Mexico and that we will be a resource to him and the local church.  Please pray that we will be a blessing and God's Providence.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, please pray for those whom we will engage in this cross-cultural ministry.  Pray that their hearts will be open to receive the saving knowledge of THE Messiah.

Merry Christmas!
We're counting on your prayers!

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