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Friday, October 7, 2011

Canote E-Notes 10/06/11

Greetings Ministry Support Team!

We want to fill you in about some exciting things we currently have in the works with the ministry with YUGO Ministries in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. We have recently discovered that the Del Rio, TX First Baptist Church has dorms available specifically for hosting mission teams coming to the area to work. Their vision was to house ministry teams not interested in sleeping in Mexico. We are hoping to utilize the dorms to launch a ministry working with Hispanic churches in Del Rio. This would still be a cross-cultural missions experience for the ministry teams as they would be working with spanish speaking churches located in predominantly hispanic neighborhoods.

Our hope is that this would provide an opportunity for teams and churches who are concerned about safety and security in Mexico to be able to come back and rejoin us on the mission field. We have seen first hand time and time again the amazing impact this type of discipleship experience has on the lives of those who participate. Of course, as always, the eternal impact made on those who accept Christ as their Savior in the process is enormous! In that regard, we have determined that there is a very real need for ministry in Del Rio. Our main goal, as always would still be to support the local churches and pastors in their established ministry efforts.

We feel God is leading us to be flexible and get outside the box when it comes to ministry. We want to find where He is already at work and join Him there vs. dragging Him along with us. Please pray with us as we continue to work out the details and logistics for launching this new ministry effort.

Prayer Requests
1. For surrender to God's Holy Spirit in His lead on our lives
2. For the necessary prayer, resources, and support to launch this new ministry effort
3. For ministry teams to join us on the mission field for an experience of a lifetime.

thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU to our ministry support team!
We love you, need you, and praise God for you!
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