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Monday, October 24, 2011

Canote E-Notes 10/24/11

Music Ministry Update
The Canote boys just wrapped up an exciting weekend of ministry serving as the worship team for a youth discipleship weekend (D-Now) for the OneWay Youth Group at Sturgeon Baptist Church.  They kicked it off Friday evening and stayed through Sunday morning sharing their musical talents and setting a Godly example for their peers. 

Adam, the oldest at 21, was actually unable to join them because of prior commitments, so JP (14) had to step it up on lead vocals and guitar.  Alex (16)  covered percussion and Chewy (19) took care of 
The Canote Boys
the bass.

Needless to say, mom & dad's hearts are busting with pride.  But, we also give God the credit.  It's an awesome thing to see God working in and through your kids to have such an impact on others for the sake of the Kingdom.

The boys are starting to get "ramped up" and excited about an upcoming Mexico trip.  It's almost time for the annual Canote Men's Father/Son trek to Mexicali, Mexico for YUGO's New Year's Team Ministry.

On a side note.... these boys need a band name!  They don't seem to care for "the Canote boys".  Apparently, that's not particularly "cool".  It's also apparent that regardless of how "cool" a name might be, if it's suggested by your dad, it immediately loses it's "coolness" factor.  So, if you have an idea, please feel free to email them directly:

Adam Canote -
Chewy Canote -
Alex Canote -
JP Canote -

Dad is going to stop making suggestions for a band name.  :)  Several years ago, the boys wrote a bluegrass instrumental song which always got a great response from the crowds.  Dad kept telling them it needed a name and that it should be something spiritual.  Naturally, the name of that song became:  "Something Spiritual".

Sermon Link
Here's a new sermon link from Pastor Chris:

"The Hope of Glory" - Colossians 1:21-27

Sermon preached at Harrisburg Baptist Church
Sunday, October 23, 2011
Pastor Chris Canote

Colossians 1:27 calls this position of Christ in us:  both a “mystery” and “the hope of glory”.  As former enemies of God, we don’t deserve this “hope of glory”.  We weren’t worthy of His great love or His amazing Grace.  But He loved us anyway…


Michael and Sharlene McDonald said...

for a name--- hows about:
"Formidable Sunday"

The Canote Family said...

Thanks! :) I'll pass it along...