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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canote E-Notes 06/05/14

We're praying this update finds you trusting in Jesus and getting your socks blessed off in the process!
Ministry Launch
We continue to move forward and all is coming together in God's best timing with our new ministry launch:  Evident Ministries, Inc.  
We have had a few recent opportunities and more on the calendar to speak and minister where we were able to share how God is working in this new project.  Our new board of directors is helping us develop a strategy for building and growing a significant Kingdom-Building ministry with maximum potential for longevity and lasting impact.  

Please let us know if your church, Sunday School class, or group would allow us to have a few minutes to speak about Evident Ministries.

Mexico Ministry
We have no plans for any major changes to the ministry we helped launch in Acuña, Mexico in 2005.  We are now conducting the Team Ministry model there twice per year.  There continues to be a great need for ministry in the city of Acuña.

There are two key elements at the heart of our ministry in Acuña.  One is the obvious eternal
impact made on the Mexican people who come to know Jesus and the seeds planted for a future harvest.  Secondly, is the opportunity for people of all ages to be trained to share the Gospel, to put their faith into action in a real-life application, and to actually lead people to Christ.  The focus and design is that this life-changing experience would also lead to an impact made on family, friends, and church once the ministry team returns home.

Domestic Expansion
The eternal harvest and long-term impact of the Acuña project is inspiration for bringing this Team Ministry model to the U.S.  We are very excited to be preparing now to host teams in the

summer of 2015 here in the mid-West supporting the local church and using the same basic Team Ministry approach.

Social Media
Don't forget to look for us on: Twitter,  Instagram,  Pinterest,  Facebook,  Tumblr,  LinkedIn. and even YouTube.   By FOLLOWING, FRIENDING, LIKING and SHARING our social media posts, you help spread the word about the work God is doing in and through Evident Ministries.  #Missions #Evident #TellingTHEStory

Thank You
And huge shout out and THANK YOU for holding the rope for us!  Family and friends, encouragement and the sacrifice of prayer IS our support network and IS absolutely significant to this Kingdom building ministry.  We thank God daily for you and the rest of our support team.  We can't do this without you!

If you are an existing financial partner, know that you are an enormous blessing!  God is using you.  Another way you can help is by telling others about us and letting them know how they can be a part of this ministry.

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