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Monday, July 6, 2015

Canote E-Notes 07/06/15

20620 N. Devils Washboard Rd.
Clark, MO 65243

Greetings from The Canote Family!

To say this has been an exciting, fun-filled year would be such an understatement! 

For starters, we have survived TWO family weddings welcoming TWO new Mrs. Canotes into our family!  Woo hoo!  Mr. and Mrs. Alex & Kelly Canote were married in March.  Then Mr. and Mrs. Zachary (Chewy) & Kaleigh Canote were married in June.

Mr. JP Canote graduated from high school in May and is excited to start at the University of Missouri in the fall.

We also welcomed another grandson to our crew!  Nathan & Samantha brought home Mr. Henry Christopher Carey in June!  He was born June 3, weighing in at 9lbs and sporting his daddy's big feet!  He has since slimmed down a bit and is ready for his first trip to Mexico (aside from his New Year's trip while still in his mama's belly!)

And, as usual, God has kept our ministry calendar full of opportunities to share His message of HOPE through music and preaching AND blessing our socks off as He works in and through us.
It is now, once again, time to hit the road and head south of the border!  This is now our 12th year of ministry in Mexico and we are excited to host and lead another week of Team Ministry in Acuña!  There will be 108 of us based at Camp Getsemani ministering for the week.  We have 52 from Canada including a work crew to do some re-construction and clean-up after the recent tornado.  We have another 23 coming from our 2 all-Chinese teams from the Dallas, TX area. We also have a team of 18 from Fayette, MO including 2 staff volunteers who will serve on our host team:  Jonathan Atherton and Mason Bryan.

We are nearly packed and mostly ready with only hours left before our departure!  Our home church, Perche Baptist Church, has blessed and encouraged us with prayer, snacks, and drinks for this 2,500 mile round trip adventure for Jesus!  Travelling on this trip as the "Host Team" are:  Chris, Susan, Alex & Kelly, JP, Allison, Natalie, Charlotte, Tori, & Nicholas Canote PLUS Nathan, Samantha, Carter, & Henry Carey.

2015 Ministry Theme:  #PressOn

  • We believe and trust God will be with us and meeting our needs regardless of whatever "fiery darts" may be tossed our way. 
  • We also know God will be glorified if we will trust in Him, His ministry, His timing, and His providence as we surrender to Him and allow Him to do His work in and through us.
  • Please pray for us as we travel.  This trip includes several hundred miles of open desert.  2,500 miles is a long distance for anyone but especially for little ones.
  • Please pray for our ministry teams as they finish preparing this week and travel to join us in Acuña.  An experience like this is guaranteed to change and impact all of us.  We know there will be those on these ministry teams who will go home a new person ready to impact their home circles, families, churches, etc.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Please pray for those who will hear THE message of HOPE during our week of Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico.
Thank you and God bless YOU!  
We're counting on your prayers!

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