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Monday, July 20, 2015

Canote E-Notes 07/20/15

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Greetings from The Canote Family!

We just wrapped up another incredible week of Team Ministry in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico!  It was another wild adventure sweating for Jesus in the heat of the desert of northern Coahuila.

God is so good to us!  As usual, He was blessing our socks off at every turn.  We had all the usual attempts to distract us.  However, when God is on your side who can be against you? 

There were 108 of us making ruckus in Jesus name.  We endured temperatures of 100F or above nearly every day and drank every last drop of clean water we could get our hands on!  In fact, we drank a weeks worth of Gatorade in the first 3 days and had to cross the border for more!

Fun Fact:  The town of Piedras Negrasis (located just a few miles south of our base camp) is where Chef Ignacio Nacho Anaya served the first-ever plate of nachos in 1943.  Yummo!

We don't have all the numbers compiled yet but we know we saw around 100 hundred salvation decisions for the week.  We also know many more seeds were planted for a future harvest.  It was also an opportunity to support and encourage the local church.  Our ministry teams worked at 5 different local neighborhood spots.

Pastor David was speechless at how the teams blessed him and his family!  The teams were able to celebrate his birthday with him on Friday evening when his church hosted everyone with a Mexican feast!  One of the teams was able to replace Pastor David's laptop which had fallen and was broken beyond repair just a couple of days before we arrived.

In addition to our evangelism teams, we had a work team from Manitoba, Canada.  They hit the ground running and were able to accomplish a number of projects for Pastor David and his church, Aviva Kairos.  In a recent tornado and following wind storm a few days later, all of the trees in the church courtyard were destroyed.  Those trees have provided much needed shade from the sun for year-round ministry to youth and children.  The work crew was able to complete an patio cover at the entrance to the church, pour concrete for an additional patio, patched the roof on Pastor David's house, and a few other projects.  They also left enough funds to complete an additional shade-providing patio area.

Work Crew
Work Crew

Sports Ministry Testimony

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Happy Birthday Pastor David!

Women's Ministry

Team Missouri

Team Dallas

Mexican S'mores - Yum!

Sandwich Crew

Women's Ministry

Team Canada

Women's Ministry in the park

1 of 3 Supply Stops

The city of Acuña has a census reported population of 181,000.  We have only scratched the surface.  There is certainly a great need and many opportunities for future ministry!  We already have our dates set for our New Year's trip and next summer in July.  We need ministry teams and individuals to join us in Mexico!  It is time now to start planning.

Our host team (aka the Canote family) is taking an extra day in Oklahoma City to rest and relax.  Watch for more updates in the coming weeks.  As usual, our calendar is full in the coming weeks with lots of ministry and activity to wrap up a very busy summer.

2015 Ministry Theme:  #PressOn

  • Please pray for Evident Ministries.  In order for the ministry to maintain and grow, we need prayer and financial support.  We need to increase the number of monthly financial supporters considerably to continue doing what we do.  Will you please pray, asking God if would have you come along side us financially and then do what He leads you to do?  Any amount helps.  $10, $15, $25 per month will make a big difference in the Kingdom building ministry!  Maybe God blessed you financially and is leading you to make a one-time larger gift.  We know God will provide as He sees fit.  Maybe He will use you.
  • Please pray for us as we travel home.
  • Please join us in praying a prayer of gratitude for how God has used our family in ministry, how He blessed the people of Acuña, Mexico in the last week, and for how the individuals from our ministry teams have gone home changed and ready to make an impact for world missions at home as a result of their week on the mission field.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Please pray for those who have heard THE message of HOPE during our week of Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico.

Thank you and God bless YOU!  
We're counting on your prayers!

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