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Friday, September 11, 2015

Canote E-Notes 09/11/15

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Clark, MO 65243

Greetings from The Canote Family!

Mr. Nicky Blue Eyes
Summer is winding down and Fall is right around the corner.  And today, thanks to a crock pot full of homemade applesauce, our house smells like Fall!  NOTE:  A crock pot full of homemade applesauce makes your house smell incredible!

The kids are back in school, kindergarten to college and we have settled back into the daily routine with now two grandkids in our home everyday during the school week. 

Little Mr. Nicky Blue Eyes has taken over as the oldest at home during the day since Tori started Kindergarten.  And JP is balancing work and school as a freshman at MU. 

Praise the Lord!  For many years God has kept us busy and our ministry calendar full plenty of opportunities to share the Gospel!  We have had several ministry opportunities over the last few weeks and a few things on the calendar in the coming weeks. 
We will hit the road this weekend for a Canote family 2-city mid-Missouri bluegrass tour!  We will returning to a couple of our favorite ministry venues. We are blessed to once again be able to worship with our friends at the Gladden Baptist Church near Salem, MO and then another home-away-from-home, the Spring Creek Baptist Church near Rolla, MO.   We are also honored to be on the line-up to play for an upcoming very special and historical service at our home church as we help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the church building at Perche Baptist Church.
We have one large team with a reserved spot ready for Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico over the holidays.  We have plenty room for more.  We are looking forward to an exciting time on the mission field, serving the Lord and supporting Pastor David Huerta, church Aviva Kairos and the surrounding community.  Our actual ministry dates will be December 30 thru January 3.

Fun Fact:  2016 will mark 13 years God has been working in and through us in the country of Mexico!  Hallelujah!  We have driven somewhere around 50,000 miles back and forth to Mexico in those 13 years.  What a wild adventure for Jesus indeed!  We have been blessed to play a role in a significant Kingdom ministry which has made it possible for well over 1,000 salvations (that we know of)!  God is so good! 
#Hope #Eternity 


2015 Ministry Theme:  #PressOn

  • Please continue to pray for Evident Ministries.  We need prayer and financial support to keep this up.  Please pray, asking God if He would have you come along side us financially and then do what He leads you to do.  Any amount helps.  
  • Please join us in thanking God for using our family in ministry, for blessing the people of Acuña, Mexico through our work, and for the evangelism and discipleship opportunity He gives the ministry teams who join us for Team Ministry in Mexico.
  • Please continue to pray for those who have heard and will hear THE message of HOPE through the work of this ministry.

Thank you and God bless YOU!  

We're counting on your prayers!

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