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Friday, January 6, 2017

Canote E-Notes 01/06/17

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Clark, MO 65243

Blessings to you from The Canote Family!
¡Bendiciones de la familia Canote!

We pray this finds you getting your socks blessed off in your surrender to the Lord.  God is good...all the time!

We have just returned from another wild adventure for Jesus hosting a Team Ministry evangelism event in Acuña, Mexico.  We made it home just in time to avoid driving through the 2-3 inches of snow that fell over night at home.  We left Mexico with a  sunny 74F and came home to a very cold 12F!

Our hearts are full and we are blessed with another batch of stories to tell of God's goodness and how He, once again, worked in and through us and our ministry team to make a significant and eternal impact for the Kingdom.

We are blessed to have 3 generations serving with us in Mexico!

Henry made a friend at the neighborhood ministry site
JP did a wonderful job leading us in worship for the week, was our morning
grill cook and led the daily Sports Ministry Prayer & Prep meetings
Canote kids - Gen 2
Nathan & Samantha rock at keeping all of us fed very well while we're in Mexico!
Chewy took most of these pictures and produced an incredible video to summarize our week in Mexico
(see link below) and served on the kitchen crew
Kaleigh did and excellent job leading our daily Women's Ministry Prayer & Prep meetings
and was also a member of the kitchen crew

Blessed beyond measure!

We had 43 serving on our ministry team from Cornerstone UMC in Caledonia, MI, led by Betsy Marvin, Director of Family Ministries.  We are so very thankful for the blessing and opportunity to serve alongside Betsy and her team.  Betsy led her first team to Mexico with YUGO Ministries, 18 years ago!  Betsy knows firsthand the life-changing impact made in the hearts of the youth who serve on these short-term mission trips.

Team Michigan

We saw 45 salvation decisions, that we know of, during our week of Team Ministry evangelism in Acuña.  We also know that countless seeds were planted for a future harvest.  There is a great spiritual need for this type of Team Ministry outreach in Acuña and many areas throughout Mexico and around the world. 

Jesus said, "Go make disciples."  We started the process this last week for 43 individuals.  Our primary goal with our Team Ministry in Mexico is to support the local church.  Our partnership with local Acuña pastor, David Huerta, his wife Irma and their family along with the Aviva Kairos church provides us with that opportunity.  Pastor David will orchestrate the follow-up an discipleship with all of those decision makers in the coming weeks and months.
Pastors David and Irma Huerta
Taking a personal hands-on role in leading an individual to Christ is an incredible discipleship opportunity for those serving on the ministry teams with Evident Ministries in Mexico.  After many hours of training and much prayer, the ministry teams are ready to share the Gospel message through the sharing of personal testimonies and sermons, leading devotions, etc.

Pastor David helps translate this young man's personal testimony
during a break from playing soccer during sports ministry
Sharing the Gospel one on one
Sharing the Gospel with a new friend made playing soccer
Ladies from the Women's Ministry bible study group
Making new friends

Teaching the neighborhood children about Jesus

Craft time during Children's Ministry at the Team Ministry site in the park

Neighborhood park at the Team Ministry site
Photo op with new friends from Mexico!
And... of course, a PIÑATA!

JP Canote apparently joined a wolf pack while on the trip... ☺

Our 2017 Team Ministry Theme:

  1. In order to survive long-term as a ministry, we need Ministry Teams who can spare a week to be a part of something awesome for God with us in Mexico.  Please pray specifically that we would be sensitive to God's lead in spreading the word about what He is doing in and through us with Team Ministry in Mexico and in making connections which will pave the way toward more teams serving with us in Acuña.
  2. We need additional financial support.  We have a very short list of some incredibly generous individuals and churches who have faithfully supported this ministry for a long time.  We are so very thankful for their support and significant role in keeping us on the mission field.  Please ask God for His direction in how you might join us in this effort by making an eternal investment in this Kingdom building ministry.  DONATE

We can assure you God has been better to us than we deserve.  We are humbled and privileged to serve the Lord.  We are certainly a blessed family!

 Thank YOU for your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We're counting on your prayers!

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