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Friday, January 13, 2017

Canote E-Notes 01/13/17

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Blessings to you from The Canote Family!
¡Bendiciones de la familia Canote!

Last week, we wrote to you with a  summary overview of another week of Team Ministry in Acuña, Mexico.  It was another amazing and wild adventure for usual... and mostly just because God is amazing!  We are getting our socks blessed off today and everyday and we hope and pray you can say the same.  God is good...all the time!  All the time...___________  (Your line is God is good! ☺)

To be fair, our hearts are still full, as we bask in the blessing of memories of another batch of stories to tell of God's goodness and how He worked in and through us and our ministry team to make a significant and eternal impact for the Kingdom during another week of Team Ministry in Mexico.

We are so thankful for God's Providence in the relationship He designed and orchestrated with our "man on the ground" in Acuña, Mexico, Pastor David Huerta. 

Pastor David, leads and serves in his own church, along with his wife, Irma and their children David Jr., Roberto, and Camila.  As a family, their ministry and service to the Lord, however, is not limited to what happens inside the 4 walls of their church, Iglesia Cristiana Aviva Kairos.

Part of Pastor David's philosophy is that the primary work of the church should be happening out in the neighborhoods and the community surrounding the church.  It is a family focused ministry, reaching out in the love of Jesus conducting children's, youth AND adult discipleship ministry efforts.  This focus on discipleship works very well with the ministry model adopted by Evident Ministries.  Our primary goal and focus in Acuña is to support the local church.  Pastor David and his family along with their church family represent that local church.

Pastor David is very hands-on with our ministry teams.  He and his family are not just "available" as needed. They are directly involved and working with us side-by-side before, during and after our actual time in Mexico.  In addition, Pastor David is committed to diligence in personal follow-up and discipleship of new believers once we have completed our week of Team Ministry. 

The follow-up is a critical piece to our ministry in Mexico.  Although there is great spiritual value and an incredible discipleship opportunity for every individual who serves with us in Mexico, it is never our intention to swoop in and use the Mexican people only for our own benefit.  Our goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus and the Hope which is found only in Him.  We thank God and give Him all the glory for His ministry with Pastor David and his family in Acuña, Mexico

Our 2017 Team Ministry Theme:

  1. In order to survive long-term as a ministry, we need Ministry Teams who can spare a week to be a part of something awesome for God with us in Mexico.  Please pray specifically that we would be sensitive to God's lead in spreading the word about what He is doing in and through us with Team Ministry in Mexico and in making connections which will pave the way toward more teams serving with us in Acuña.
  2. We need additional financial support.  We have a very short list of some incredibly generous individuals and churches who have faithfully supported this ministry for a long time.  We are so very thankful for their support and significant role in keeping us on the mission field.  Please ask God for His direction in how you might join us in this effort by making an eternal investment in this Kingdom building ministry.  DONATE

We can assure you God has been better to us than we deserve.  We are humbled and privileged to serve the Lord.  We are certainly a blessed family!

 Thank YOU for your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We're counting on your prayers!

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